Are We Nearly There Yet?

13 track CD only: 37 minutes:  Label: Overground

Cat. No. OVER 114VP CD    Barcode: 604388679522

Release Date: 19th February 2007



'Aha!" we hear the doubters and cynics sing... We smell cash £££ in another dodgy batch of out takes and fillers!!! Oh, far from it! The story behind this compilation goes back a long way...A very long way... after a long sabbatical - at this point if you don't know my/our history, I suggest you cram up on your homework/history ... GOOGLE! GOOGLE!).


I owe this CD in most to a lovely kind bunch of mostly New Yorkers, Rob and his marvellous band The Baskervilles.


They arranged a benefit gig in New York in lieu of my release from prison [naturally I was fitted up]. They raised over £1,000 with the stipulation that I went back into the studio. So, in the summer of 2005 I went into Soup Studios in North London with engineer and producer Simon Trought. This CD was the culmination of those sessions.


Our next/new LP, My Dark Places (Domino Records) came later...


The cover versions (If I Should Fall BehindBruce Springsteen, Mr Brightside The Killers) are simply songs that I love, that move me, that make me laugh...


I was inundated with offers after prison release, but I'm afraid some certain ‘industry’ people were disappointed to find I was not a shambling wreck...I've been called the original Doherty… yes Tommy Docherty… football legend!


I'm as proud and disappointed of this CD as anything I've ever done...


And here's Debbie with the weather.


Track Listing:

Are We Nearly There Yet?/ The Peter Gabriel Song/ The Eminem Song/ I Get Scared When I Don’t Know Where You Are/ I See Dead People/ If I Could Write Poetry/ If I Should Fall Behind/ Coltrane’s Ghost/ Mr Brightside/ All The Midnight Cowboys/ All The King’s Horses/ You Are Loved/ It’s All About The Girl


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