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Daniel Treacy
In early May 2004, members of the Yahoo discussion group set up for Television Personalities learned of the whereabouts of one Daniel Treacy. The news, revealed by Dan himself, was that he is currently a guest in one of Her Majesty's prisons.
Dan had written the letter to Iain Baker, an old friend who now DJs for the London-based station XFM. Dan wanted him to pass information to Andy Freiberger, who runs Munich's Little Teddy record label. This was done, and Andy sent it to the Yahoo group. Dan himself asked for the information to be made public.
Since Dan Treacy dropped out of sight in the latter half of the Nineties, rumours have surfaced occasionally with tales of drug abuse, breakdowns, homelessness... little of this was reported on Television Personalities websites and discussion groups. For a start, it was difficult to prove or disprove these rumours. People don't seem to want to talk about the decline of somebody they admire and care about. Perhaps they didn't want to believe that it had come to this. Many fans of Television Personalities, particularly those who knew him personally in his gigging days, seem coy about talking about Dan, his condition, his whereabouts. Perhaps they feel they're betraying a friend by sharing gossip. Once the TVP's have snared you, it becomes like that. You become involved. You care. The man is the music. You can't just walk away from it.
It's interesting that Dan Treacy should mention Pete Doherty of The Libertines in his letter. His ongoing drug use / addiction, and the prison sentence he served for burgling his band mate's flat have been well-documented. It's part of the appeal of that particular band, a joyous, creative force teetering on disintegration, played out in the public's gaze. Let's hope it doesn't have a tragic ending. These days, Daniel Treacy isn't in the public eye, but the parallels are there. How can people ignore the fact that with songs such as the confessional "Now That I'm A Junkie" and "Far Away and Lost In Joy", he involved us all?
And yet I still wondered whether I should add the details of this development to this website. I had to, really, as it's news - important news after such a long time - even though it might not be what people wanted to hear. In any case, the following email has been printed on other web sites so for those who aren't members of the Yahoo group and who may not have heard the story, it's only fair to include it on this one.
Keg, May 2004
The Email
Iain Baker wrote:
I got a letter from Dan today, he's on a prison boat in Dorset here in the UK. In it, he asked me to get in touch with you because, and I quote: "there's possibly money owed for the last CD and I trust him and want to work with him"
He also says you can put everything he's told me on the website, so here's a precis of what Dan wrote:
"It's a long story, not a long sentence, i'm out of here on the 23rd or 30th of June. I'm on a prison boat, it's like a cruise that goes nowhere!...Sitting here recently.. like i've sat many a time over the past few years, i've realised how much I miss the music, not the business- I don't even own a guitar or amp (haven't for years!) But i've written my best and most meaningful music in the last couple of years. I want to do a new TVP's LP, thing is: i've had no contact with anyone from the past. I'd love to get Jowe back on board (whoops, no pun intended!) I feel like i'm 17 again and not having a clue how the music biz works except i'm not, i'm ** [*edit* i'm sparing your blushes here Dan!! - Iain] on the 19th of June and i'm spending it in here of all places! I am completely skint at the moment, but for the last 6 months i've been free of health/drug problems... could any publicist invent a story like mine? you couldn't make it up. Tell Andy he can put every thing i've told you on his website and if he wants he can set up AN OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR TVP'S with the truth coming from me. I'll even list the songs i've got waiting to record, and if he wants to put my current address on the site, he can - some birthday cards might be nice!
However I do this, I want it done BIGGER this time: Christ, Pete Doherty does 3 weeks in Wandsworth and he's the new Johnny Cash! Guess I must be the new James Brown/Albert [sic] Lee/Brian Wilson put together!
Love, Jailbird Dan"
He then goes on to list the songs he's waiting to record: and there's an aside to you Andy he says he has no money to use the phone, but if you want you can send him cash, no more than £20 to the address and he can buy phonecards and call you. He end the letter with "Tell Andy I miss him and the Munich Crew"
So there you have it. I'm so happy to hear from him. There were times when I was sure he was dead.
His address is:
Number 7874, Daniel Treacy
A2 Induction Wing,
HMP The Weare,
Portland Dock,
Rotherham Rd,
DT15 1PZ
That's all the information I have.
It's up to you now, I guess.
all the very best,
iain baker

Update: Dan was released on June 28th, so he can't be contacted at this address anymore.

A subsequent update on Dan's situation can be read here.
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