Jowe Head
Angel Racing Food Jowe Head (guitar and vocals)
Lee McFadden (lead guitar and vocals)
Marina Young (bass)
Rob Mack (sax)
Jeffrey Bloom (drums)

Previous members:
Nick Smith (bass)
Michael Frangou (drums)
Chloe Herington (alto sax and bassoon)
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Venus Bigfoot EP Venus Bigfoot EP
Side A: Venus Bigfoot
Side B: Last Servant / World Turned Upside Down
7" Little Teddy (LiTe750) 2003

Recorded at Toerag Studio, London, Summer 2002.
Produced by Liam Watson.
Trivia: The White Stripes were in Toerag at the same time, recording their 'Elephant' LP.

For details of how to buy this single, see the Jowe news page.
Angel Racing Food Angel Racing Food
World Turned Upside Down
Venus Bigfoot
Last Servant
Ravenous Scavengers
Butcher Shop Lassie
Clockwork Sparrows
Film Buff
Dead Man's Shoes
Ketchup Money
Guinea Pig

CD Topplers (TV015) 2007

Available from:
Falling Uphill Falling Uphill
Includes Guinea Pig.
CD Windless Air Music (071) 2004

This track was recorded at the same sessions as the 'Venus Bigfoot' single.

For details of how to buy this compilation, click here. Residents of the USA should see the Windless Air Music website.
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26. Tbc
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