Television Personalities
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An umbrella site with links to all the key TVP areas on the internet.
Filippo Dulio's Strangely Beautiful website
A colourful site which includes lyrics and some rare live photos. There's also an excellent list of bands that have covered TVP songs.
Marco Rath:
Contains a discography and an excellent photograph gallery. Marco would also like to hear from you if you have live tapes to trade.
Television Personalities in the USA
Darrell Whitbeck's site documents the TVPs trips to the USA in 1992 and 1993. It now includes Dan's web journal.
A Japanese fan's site
Navigation is a little eccentric, but the same site also has a section on Jowe Head
Gavin Morris's TVP guitar tabs site
Learn to play along with a selection of TVP numbers using the animated guitar tabs.
John Bennett, drummer on the first TV Personalities single, has a website that documents his own group Reacta.
Jowe Head's latest group, Angel Racing Food.
Dave Musker, organist during 'The Painted Word' era, has his own site.
Sexton Ming, drummer in 1995-96, has his own World of Ming.
Graeme, TVP bassist in 1996, is in The Projects.
MYSPACE PAGES [Official Myspace page] [Gerard & John Bennett]
New [Current drummer]New [Feat. Victoria Yeulet] [The Projects - feat. former bassist Graeme] [Feat. former drummer Mathew Sawyer]
The following record labels have released TVP records.
Little Teddy Recordings
There's also a news group on Yahoo here. Join to be sent details of new releases.
Damaged Goods
Fire Records
Over the last two years, Fire have again reissued the early TVP albums. The same label put them out in the early 90s.
Cherry Red
Vinyl Japan
Overground Records
Perfect Pop
Fantastic Plastic
Domino Records
Elefant Records
The following general music sites have TVP entries.
Adrift in the ether
Punknet 77
All Music Guide
The Ultimate Band List
Punk 77 (UK Punk 1976 - 79) Click here for main page.
Piero Scaruffi's site (Italian)
The French webzine Popnews has a TVP page here.
The Psychedelic Den Of Iniquity contains a number of essays on bands, including Britpups devoted to Television Personalities.
Photographer Alison Wonderland has a site with examples of her work, which include several Television Personalities records and portraits.
Letslivappy! has some archive photos from 1984.
Vinyl on the Net
A great site to buy rare and deleted TVP records.
There is a TVP group on Yahoo. Click here for details. Join this world-wide community to exchange views, news and information with fellow fans.
There is also a group on Yahoo devoted to Jowe Head. The photo gallery is well worth a look!
If you are interested in trading live tapes, Darrell Whitbeck would like to hear from you. Visit his site at or email him here.
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