Television Personalities


Sometimes I look stupid in my Chelsea Boots
My Ben Sherman shirt, my five button suit
But there's one thing I know
And there's one thing that's true
There's one thing I'll always have over you
And I cried all my tears
So there's no more tears to cry
So many tears over so many years
You know, I kicked myself once
Well, I tried my best
Twice in fact
I tried the one with razor blades
Fucked it up
Tried the one with pills
Made me ill
I don't care, I look stupid in my Chelsea Boots
My five button shirt and my four piece suit
But there's one thing I've got over you
You know, I dig Steve Marriott, Pete Townsend and Rod
Cos I was a mod before you was a mod

From the live performance at the Khyber Pass, Philadelphia PA, USA, on 29/7/1993

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