Television Personalities
This section is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts with the wider world. How did you discover Television Personalities? What is their appeal? What do they mean to you? Do you have memories of seeing them play live? Or any amusing tales?
If you have a story you would like to share, please contact me.

"Stood next to me was this weird guy wearing what looked like a Thunderbirds hat."

Paul Wilson on seeing the TVPs at Manchester's Swinging Sporran in March 1991 here.
"He occasionally pulled a Sooty glove puppet out of his pocket who would whisper things in Dan's ear which he relayed to the audience. I was hooked."

Andy Nix remembers the TV Personalities here.
"Dan got to hear me warbling in the kitchen, and just asked me if I was interested in doing anything with the TVPs. Sure! I replied (who wouldn't?)"

Chrys Mordin, who recorded backing vocals for two TVP singles in the early 90s, tells all here.
"There'd been a mixup in the publicity and loads of people thought local anarcho-punk heroes Conflict were playing."

Martin Howard with some memories of the Thames Poly gig in 1985, at which 'Back To Vietnam' was recorded for the 'Communicate!' album here.
"I actually ended up apologising on behalf of Bedford to the band for the audience's 'non-committal ignorance' for such a cool and legendary band!!"

Neill shares his thoughts on the TVP's appeal here.
"The gig itself was not so peaceful: Jowe couldn't hear himself on stage."

Hans-Martin Gross tells the amusing tale of how the 'Chocolat Art' live album came to be recorded here.
"I listened to that tape over and over without having the faintest idea who was responsible for its twisted genius."

Peter Jones reveals 'How I Learned To Love The TVPs' here.
"My favorites recordings are from the USA tours, as Dan seemed to be very personable and creative. It's hard to describe what his music does, but it does something special to me."

Darrell Whitbeck tells how he discovered the TVPs and caught them live on the US tours in 1992 and 1993 here.
"All in all I had a great night, my first night as a seventeen year old fan of the Television Personalities. I raced home to tell everyone what they'd missed!"

Michael Conway takes a fond look back at some magical TVP nights in Scotland in the Eighties here.
"There was a sheet hung up at the back of the stage. When the TVPs came on a girl began painting on it. She started with 'and now, The Jam. . .' and went on to fill the sheet with child-like pictures of flowers and a TV."

Mark Murphy with a variety of recollections here.
"I put the CD on and sat on my bed. I listened in silence and when the music stopped... I jumped out of bed, mounted my bicycle and started pedalling like mad!"

Filippo Dulio rides his bike on a trip of discovery leading to the TV Personalities here.
"This gig actually made me think, this is what it's all about. Great POP songs, a very genuine sense of life-affirming fun and adventure, and Dan and Jowe at their wittiest best."

Dave Driscoll presents his idiosyncratic memories here.
"I can't even remember what songs they played or how long the show lasted, but one thing I won't forget: I was totally fascinated by this concert and loved every minute of it."

Marco Rath tells his story here.
"Dan's incredibly camp humour, Jowe's bemused stares as Dan's whims twisted songs into entirely unexpected directions."

Mike Schieffer describes some of the things he remembers about the TVP's here.
"Apart from myself and my friend Alex, the only other genuine fan seemed to be a guy standing at the back with a bowlcut who kept on shouting for 'Part Time Punks'."

Andrew Paterson shares a couple of memories here.
"Waiting for the bus to school, 1980. Joe Foster's youngest brother tries to impress me by telling me his brother was on John Peel..."

Simon Murphy recalls some episodes here.
Many thanks to everybody who has contributed their time and thoughts to this page.
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