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Happening Right Then! (book project)

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:31 pm
by Keg

Happening Right Then! Photographs 1983 to 1985.
150+page book. Unseen photos of TV Personalities, Pastels, Times,Shop Assistants, Nikki Sudden & more.

It was the very early days of Creation Records. Tiny venues in rooms above pubs in London hosted gigs featuring bands connected to the label's first steps. Paul Groovie was there at many of those gigs, snapping away with his camera. He is now planning on sharing many of these photos in hardback book form:
"Happening Right Then!" is a 150+ page hardback book featuring over 200 colour and black & white photographs taken at iconic venues such as The Living Room, Room At The Top and The Big Twang between 1983-1985.

The bands featured include TV Personalities, The Pastels, The Times, Shop Assistants, Nikki Sudden, The Nightingales, Jasmine Minks, Primal Scream, Go Service, Direct Hits, The Legend, 12 Cubic Feet, Patrick Fitzgerald, Khartomb, Doctor & The Medics, Strawberry Switchblade and many more.

In addition ,the photos will be accompanied by comments and recollections from many of the bands and people featured, some revisiting this period in print for the very first time.
Using the crowdfunding route, Mr Groovie hopes to secure enough backing to turn the dream into get reality.

Please visit this link and view the options.

Fundraiser link: ... 83-to-1985

Re: Happening Right Then! (book project)

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:13 pm
by womble
Whatever happened to this?

Paul Groovy happily took everyone's money and then .... absolute silence.

No reply to messages via the indiegogo pledge site, changes his Facebook page and ignores all attempts to contact him

Is he the thieving bastard I currently think he is or will he prove me wrong by having the guts to reply?