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Jowe Head & the Demi-Monde - New album - May 2010

Posted: Wed May 19, 2010 12:24 am
by Keg
Announcement from Topplers:

DIABOLICAL LIBERTIES is the new album by Jowe Head and his current band 'The Demi-Monde'. It has 13 tracks of typically twisted Jowe Head pop and comes in a colourful digipack sleeve with fantastic artwork by Jowe himself. The sound is psychedelic, using electronic and acoustic instruments, with a European folk influence plus Indian and Moorish elements.

It will be available from May 13th at the bands gig at Cross Kings, Kings Cross, London. It will then be available at the Topplers website from Friday 14th May at a cost of £9.99 [including UK postage]. Jowe's MySpace page has a few tracks available to listen to...

Full track details and info here -

The first 50 copies (BTW this is a limited edition of 100!) will have a piece of original signed artwork from Jowe. If you are at the London gig on Thursday May 13th Jowe will be selling the first 30 copies with the artwork - if you are buying them from the Topplers online shop then the first 20 will have the artwork! The online cost is £9.99 which includes UK postage.

more info at

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Track listing:

1. Tiny Monsters
2. Imp of the Perverse
3. Baby Bounce
4. Land of Cockaine: Part 1
5. Camouflagellant
6. Merman Blues
7. Don't You Rock the Boat
8. Inky Sucker Bus
9. The Horse Sits in the Tree
10. Cyan Eyes
11. Feet of Clay
12. Slough of Despond
13. Land of Cockaine: Part 2