Sounds 19th September 1987

Manchester Boardwalk
Finally, after what feels like a thousand years of waiting, Television Personalities come to Manchester.

Seminal, influential, legendary and the ultimate cult band in the UK, Dan Treacy's roving psychedelic pop platform have played to huge audiences in Europe, reaching Godlike status in Germany. The starting blocks for bands like The Mighty Lemon Drops, 1000 Violins and the key influence in the Creation Records empire, they are here!

The slight figure of Dan Treacy hunches over his microphone, crooning sarcastically, and shouts go up for 'How I Learned To Love The Bomb', the great unheard single of 1986. Jowe Head, ex-Swell Maps god and Glenda Jackson lookalike cranks out an oily, slime-washed chain of a bassline, his acid-crazed features jerking backwards and forwards from a crazy leer to a shipwrecked scowl. Meanwhile, Treacy's 12-string magic Vox thunder paints the Boardwalk all shades of psychedelia.

Ten years in an open-necked flowery shirt, with a healthy dose of cynicism and a knack of nailing great melodies to the floor, have earned Television Personalities their footnote in the great rock Thesaurus.

The head-nodding, fanzine-touting crowd are thrilled by their mentors' display. Even so, Treacy is bemused by the pop process; to write fab material is irrelevant and to yuppie your way to the top in the inane, anal-fixed stampede to the ultimate drab floorshow of TOTP is the way out for most.

But Dan Treacy knows his world and Jowe Head is totally out of this world as most of us know it. Television Personalities are an institution; familiar, heartwarming, like an old junk shop. Thank God they're still around!

John Robb

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