NME 24 September 1983

London Adam's Arms
Once again TV Personalities sneak in to show us all up. A long time since they handed us that first bunch of sharply observed, cruelly mocking songs, made their point, left the room.

But they're back, they pass the test, confound suspicion, they have a place in the present. To be sure, that place is on the pub circuit, but a new and crafty local music would be a blessing in this lazy city.

They still refuse to play properly, but they could give lessons in song construction, these bastard children of the Shangri-Las and the Fall (!)

Pleasure's what you make it, and I loved it. Coming soon, to your local, a titchy audience, a tetchy charm, a punky simplicity, a messy sound, funny, rich and sad, and it's cheaper this wall all round.

Mark Sinker

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