NME 28th January 1984

London Pindar Of Wakefield
The group come on looking moribund and dispirited, plug in, tune up, mumble something indistinct and stumble into a hopeless wall of feedback and distortion. Uh-huh, more Teutonic boredom, Collapsing Tin Cans from the Waxwork Generation.

Hold on! If this is Sunday (consults Gig Guide) these are those wacky, wonderful, weird TV Personalities. The indie spirit in funny hats. "This is our last gig for some time". What gives boys? They seem equal parts relieved and pissed off and after all nobody else seems to care.

Even going through the motions such mini-classics as 'Pictures of Dorian Gray' (sic), 'Part-Time Punks' and the dippy-hippy wide-eyed wonder of 'I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives' sound immaculate. There's no flab, just pure pop muscle built around bouncy bass, toy keyboards and gently ringing guitar. The words rise and fall like cork.

Ironically they go out with 'A Sense Of Belonging', the new (banned) single. Nobody wants old TV Personalities. Not even special ones.

Peter Pota
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