'Adventure in Bereznik' fanzine, issue 3, 1985
"Television Personalities" I think has become something of a lifetime's work. I don't ever want success doing anything other than under the guise of "TV Personalities". I used to think I could be anonymous as part of a successful group, but it's been a little strange for me to become something of a "celebrity" under my own name. I will always be humble about the fact that I can put all my feelings, hopes, dreams etc. into something positive like music.

At the moment I am very happy with the present TVPs line-up of me, Jowe (Head) and Jeffrey (Bloom) on drums. It's the most easy-going TVPs line-up I have played in and the most fun since Eddie Ball of "The Times" fame was in the group. I now feel it is almost something of a necessity to prove right all the people who have said we should be more "recognisably famous" but the truth is "Top 40 success" means nothing artistically to me - it could give me a lot of money, that prospect doesn't scare me - I would certainly not change my attitudes.

For the immediate future I see us releasing a rush of great records one after another.

The new single will be / is "How I Learned To Love The Bomb" / "Now You're Just Being Ridiculous" - a 7" - to be followed shortly after by a 4-track 12" featuring "Then God Snaps His Fingers", "A Girl Called Charity", a live 11 minute version of "Back To Vietnam" and a different, longer version of "Love The Bomb" ("... not a re-mix!!")

In addition there will be two songs on the follow-up to the "All For Art!" compilation, plus a track on the second "What A Nice Way To Turn Seventeen" EP and another on a double live compilation LP recorded at Thames Poly.
(Operating out of the upstairs room of "The Enterprise" in Chalk Farm, London on Saturday nights)

Really it's my girlfriend Emily's club (she does more work than me!) but we started it just to put on bands we like and to give new bands a chance to play in front of an audience. We have had all the "name" bands - Nightingales, Yeah Yeah Noh, X-Men, Jasmine Minks, June Brides, The Loft, Bomb Party, plus newer bands like One Thousand Violins, Go! Service and others, plus TVPs of course.

A lot of the faces from the Living Room come to the club, but generally it's not so "clique-y" - we get a totally mixed audience, but always a nice audience for the bands to play to. Besides we have got CARPET and swivel chairs and a bar!! So yah! boo Living Room!!
Dan's new label DREAMWORLD (Whaam! defunct - "R.I.P.") is now in operation - first release is a 12" EP by American group The Impossible Years ("Cool and Fun and Fag" [?? sic] apparently.)
* * *
'Adventure in Bereznik' was a fanzine produced by Simon Murphy in Hendon, North London.
Thanks to Mark Murphy for the scan and to Simon for the minor corrections.
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