NME 6th December 1986

"How I Learned To Love The Bomb" (Dreamworld)
Theoretically a sneaky re-release of last year's 12", but in actuality virtually a brand new 7" with two new flip tracks and a re-recorded, superior main track. 'How I Learned To Love The Bomb' is a frightening, touching and witty paen to the ridiculousness of living in the nuclear age; strained out through ten minutes of singalong choruses, wailing feedback, haunting trumpets, whining vocals and black humour. "Well once we had a plan / To go to Greenham Common / To steal a Polaris missile / And we put it on the back of a lorry / Now I keep it in my bathroom / And it's yellow black and grey / And I polish it every day / And I don't care what the neighbours say / 'COS NOW I'VE LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOMB!"

Self-mocking and revelling in its own bitter irony, the song strikes HARD and strikes DEEP even as you smile. The B-side continues the 'laughter thru tears' motive with childish backing choirs and hip-hop-happy vocals on the psychedelic, wistful 'Grocer's Daughter' and the upbeat 'Girl Called Charity'. This record is BRILLIANT! and a very rare thing nowadays - an intelligent, original, tuneful and entertaining independent.

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