Melody Maker 16th July 1996

BIKE (Twist)
The ubiquitous TV Personalities, if you will. New and reissued singles on a variety of labels from around the world seem to crop up at the rate of about three a week.

"Bike" is a picture disc, featuring three covers - Syd Barrett's "Bike", The Raincoats' "No One's Little Girl" and the cringeworthy "Seasons In The Sun" - which sound as if they were recorded in the time it took to play them. It oughtn't to work, but somehow does. Particularly moving is their version of "Seasons In The Sun", which is as warped and f***ed-up as you'd want.

And while I'm here, could I point out that TVPs' last record, the often tortuous and sometimes darkly funny, introverted "I Was A Mod Before You Were A Mod" LP, features some of singer Dan Treacy's most affecting work this decade. That's assuming you can get past the deliberately obscuring production and semi-whispered vocals.


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