'Off The Wall' fanzine, 1984

The following interview was conducted with Daniel Treacy - T.V. Personality and boss of Whaam! Records.

OTW - Who are the most successful band on Whaam! ?

DAN - T.V. Personalities easily outsell the other groups, the only permanent group on Whaam! at the moment are The Direct Hits, Pastels and 1000 Mexicans have signed to other labels.

OTW - In which country do Whaam! records sell the best?

DAN - In particular Germany, Holland and Chicago / San Francisco.

OTW - What has been the most successful single on Whaam! ?

DAN - Apart from '3 Wishes' the next best was 'Still Dreaming' by Marble Staircase which sold very well in America and Spain.

OTW - Is your business successful?

DAN - Like any business success fluctuates. Some records like Marine Girls and our own T.V.P. albums are fairly big sellers, we manage OK.

OTW - Many of the bands on your label are psychedelic / Pop-Art influenced. Is this because of your tastes in music?

DAN - I suppose so. If I wanted to be a huge million pound empire I would have six bands with drum machines and synths, but I'm hoping to give a much needed outlet for bands who might otherwise find it difficult to get help.

OTW - In the future will Whaam! records be expanding into other types of music and groups?

DAN - Records we have put out by 1000 Mexicans and Khartomb were pretty far removed from psychedelia etc. But in all honesty my heart lies with the likes of the Direct Hits etc.

OTW - Who are your favourite bands?

DAN - R.E.M., Hurrah!, Direct Hits and Pastels.

OTW - On the Direct Hits LP you played piano. Have you played in any other groups (outside the T.V.P.'s)?

DAN - I played in The Times 'Pop Goes Art' and about eight gigs. I also played as a guest on 'Cloud Over Liverpool' by the Teenage Filmstars (synth and vocals). 'I Wonder Why' by the Pastels (synth) and 'Big City' by the Missing Scientists, both these last two on Rough Trade.

OTW - What do you think of the Direct Hits?

DAN - I think Colin Swan and Geno Buckmaster are great songwriters. From all the bands I have worked with on Whaam! they are easily my favourites, and I think they will be successful at least as much as they are allowed to - the press do not particularly favour bands with a Sixties tag.

Whaam! is intended to be a stepping stone for bands to go onto bigger things. We cannot offer groups lots of money, promises etc. We just intend to give them a start, obviously if a band are offered another deal there is a chance we may benefit.
A few of the records available from Dan are:-

Gifted Children - Painting By Numbers
T.V. Personalities - 3 Wishes
Pastels - Heavens Above
Dr. and the Medics - The Druids Are Here
Direct Hits - Modesty Blaise
Page Boys - My Kind of Girl
Marble Staircase - Still Dreaming

T.V. Personalities - And Don't The Kids Just Love It...
T.V. Personalities - Mummy Your Not Watching Me
T.V. Personalities - They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles
T.V. Personalities - Painted Word
T.V. Personalities - Turn On... Tune In... Drop Out! (Out end March)
Direct Hits - Blow Up
All For Art - A Pop-Art Compilation

All singles - £1.30 inc P&P
All LP's - £4.50 inc P&P

All cheques / P.O's to Daniel Treacy

Send for full Whaam! catalogue.

9 Poynders Court
Poynders Road
London SW4
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'Off The Wall' was a fanzine from Northern Ireland. Author unknown.
Thanks to Mark Murphy for the scan.
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