Pure Popcorn! fanzine #2 (1985)

Pure Popcorn! issue 2 In the murky depths of something called the Clarendon Broadway, Hammersmith, "Pure Popcorn!" discovered Go! Service, an instantly likeable band, who entertained us with some groovy pop ditties. Their singer Jo had a "sweet" but strong voice which sounded quite soulful, but not in any poxy Big Sound Authority way. The "musicians" play their instruments earnestly, and with a refreshing enthusiasm. Ahh! Such naivety. Very good and very amiable people as well.

The long awaited return of the Television Personalities was very welcome. They are now a three piece band, but are still brilliant.

Dan introduces the band. "Hello, we're the Electric Golliwogs... We're a psychedelic band", against an everchanging background, they play a loose but engrossing bunch of songs. "A Day In Heaven", "Happy All The Time", "She Was Only A Grocer's Daughter" and the wonderful "Miracles Take Longer", are all played but there is a distinct lack of well known songs, no "Sense of Belonging", "Three Wishes" or "I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives", but this was only slightly disappointing. Dan is a really fine songwriter (as Stephen Pastel said). His lyrics range from bitingly sarcastic to painfully sad (Sushil weeps openly). The set is quite short and Dan performs GBH on his guitar (as he habitually does at their gigs), but somehow it doesn't seem contrived in the manner of the Jesus and Mary Chain, it seems real, and it didn't surprise us to find Dan a very nice person, and not an offensive idiot.
PP What's been happening since The Painted Word?
Dan: Mmm... Well we've done a few dates in Europe, 25 actually, with a group called Fenton Weills (is that the correct spelling you ask). It was great to do, the European audiences are more open minded than British ones, they aren't too conscious about fashions or cults or whatever, they just like to enjoy themselves, it's the fourth time we've been to Europe, on some dates we got £400 a night! Europe's great, London's great, and well, I like Scotland's approach.

PP How's you relations with the record label?
Dan: Well Illuminated kept asking us to do more records, so they gave us an advance, and then we never heard anything about the record, we don't know if it sold 4 or 4000! There was also a German "live" album, on 'Principal Logic', it was no. 1 in the independent charts for two weeks I think. Also we've had to change the name of our record label, from Whaam to Dreamworld, for obvious reasons, there should be a Go! Service single out soon.

PP Do you still listen to John Peel?
Dan: No! I mean it's not very entertaining, like it used to be, and he doesn't play our records anymore, he said that it was a shame that we had to grow up.

PP What do you think about the whole "Creation" scene?
Dan: Yeah, well I know a lot of these people. I know Alan McGhee. It's OK. If bands are happy ripping us off for b-sides. I don't mind.

PP What about the Jesus and Mary Chain?
Dan: I'd rather not talk about that... but Bobby's a nice person.

PP And what about the Pastels?
Dan: Oh yes, I like the Pastels, we put out their first single y'know.

PP What do the TV Personalities believe in?
Dan: We believe in anything that's good... just put down CND, Feminist... everything good.

PP Any favourite new bands, or any favourites?
Dan: Yes! The Bomb Party.

PP What do you think about Pure Popcorn?
Dan: I rather liked it, I received a copy through the post the other day, I especially liked the size and layout, because I was reading it on the Tube and it gets very busy and crowded y'know, but the pages are nice and small, my slogan for Pure Popcorn! would be, "It's very handy on trains".

*** At this stage we actually ran out of questions (would you believe it), but we talked for a while with Dan about a variety of subjects... namely that this interview wouldn't consist of direct quotes, but of sort of quotes (we didn't have a tape recorder, Pure Popcorn! never has. We have paper and pen).. he understood.

Finally Dan thought of a question we could ask.

Dan: Ask me what my favourite cake is?

PP OK, what's your favourite cake Dan?
Dan: Mmmm... I like carrot teacake, but my very favourite cake is Manor House. I mean it's very important.

PP Yes that's right, you need food to survive. Very important for living.

PP What's next from the TVP's?
Dan: We're recording three new tracks for a possible single, most likely choice will be "The Good and Faithful Servant", which funnily enough we didn't play tonight.
*** OK. There the interview / chat ended, and we thanked Dan for answering, we then said cheerio. Why not say hello...

TV Personalities Fan Club
C/o Emily, Poynders Court, 9 Poynders Road, London, SW4

*** Words and pics by Sheel & Paul.

Pure Popcorn! issue 2
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Elsewhere in the same issue...

Jowe's faves
1. Middle of Nowhere - Dusty Springfield
2. Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
3. Virginia's Wolf - The Palookas (future single)
4. Something To Do - Buba and the Shop Assistants
5. Spooky - Lydia Lunch
6. It's A Man's World - James Brown
7. Loves Theme - Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra

Bands Dan likes
REM, Long Ryders, Bomb Party, 1000 Violins, Pastels... amongst others

Songs Dan likes
1. Outdoor Miner - Wire
2. Harry the Babysitter - Bomb Party
3. Something Going On - The Pastels
4. Life is Just Beginning - The Creation
5. Pretty in Pink - Psychedelic Furs

Alan McGhee (Creation Records)
Fave Records Playlist
(Included here out of historical interest)
1. Here She Comes Now - Velvet Underground
2. Seven and Seven Is - Love
3. Reynard the Fox - Julian Cope
4. I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
5. New Age - Velvet Underground
6. Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
7. Commando - Ramones
8. Love You More - Buzzcocks
9. Something Going On - The Pastels
10. She Belongs to Me - Bob Dylan
* * *
'Pure Popcorn' was produced by Paul Woods, Stephen Donnelly and Sushil Dade, all from the Glasgow area. Sushil's musical career includes membership of several Scottish bands including the Soup Dragons, Telstar Ponies and BMX Bandits. He currently releases records under the name Future Pilot AKA.
Many thanks to Sushil for use of the material.
Visit the official Future Pilot AKA site: www.futurepilotaka.com

Thanks to Mark Flunder for initially providing the source material.
Additional thanks to Chris Davidson for supplying a copy of the fanzine for the cover scan.
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