Record Collector # 275 July 2002

...And Don't The Kids Just Love it (Fire SFIRE 002 CD)
Mummy Your Not Watching Me (Fire SFIRE 007 CD)
Fashion Conscious (Little Teddy BITE 026 CD)
In October 1980, part-time punk Dan Treacy entered a small recording studio in London and put down an LP's worth of material in three days.

"...And Don't The Kids Just Love It" was the entire 80s indie scene before it happened. The album occupied an enchanting backwater between punk and 60s-influenced garage pop, best illustrated by the electric opening track, 'This Angry Silence'. Fans were won over by the sheer quality of the song-writing found in 'Silly Girl', 'Look Back In Anger', 'A Picture Of Dorian Gray' and 'I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives'.

The follow-up, "Mummy Your Not Watching Me" was recorded at Starforce Studios in Battersea in January 1981 and features some excellent (although less accessible) psych compositions. It's a very English sound, featuring the classic 'Scream Quietly' and 'A Day In Heaven'.

Since forming in 1978, the Television Personalities have released eight studio albums and gone through numerous changes in personnel. Both these titles were last reissued in the wake of 90s comeback LP, "Privilege". While the rejuvenated Fire have done a fine job with the handsome, slip-cased CDs - arguably two of the most influential albums of the 80s - perhaps it's time to really go to town with a few live, demo and unreleased extras. And while people often big-up the psych sound found on "MYNWM", nothing beats the lo-fi punk-pop of the debut - their finest hour.

Finally, we have "Fashion Conscious", a 21-track CD that rounds up all the TVPs' Little Teddy recordings. It doesn't have some of the introspective gems found on the 2000 anthology, "The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming", or the classics on board Cherry Red's best-of from 1999. However, it does boast 'How Does It Feel To Be Loved?', originally released on the 'Now That I'm A Junkie!' 7", 'I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod', plus a cover of 'Seasons In The Sun' and the Raincoats' 'No-One's Little Girl'.

Incidentally, American punk-popsters the Mr T Experience have recently recorded 'I Don't Know Where Dan Treacy Lives'.

Jono Scott

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