ROX! Issue 28, 1987

HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOMB by the T.V. PERSONALITIES is an absolutely brilliant record, in the same way that the Pastels can harness almost totally conventional song structures and use them to their own creative ends the tvp's are the same, the record comes in an entirely different seven and twelve inch form, Jowe lays down a hard grinding bass line and the rest of the band swirl in phychadellically [sic] over the top, Dan Treacy's wimpy vocal holds the whole thing together, wimpy maybe but with a sarcastic cutting edge to the voice which is either hilarious or frightening, we've also seen the video for this which has Jowe Head acting all the way through it looking like a deranged five year old, riding around on gigantic cardboard bombs and getting woken up in bed by nightmarish russian soldiers dressed in their best oxfam gear. Why this record is not dominating the early evening airwaves is either a case of a lazy group or a totally insensitive set of ears at radio one, we urge our vast readership to buy this single, one of the best releases of all last year.
ROX! fanzine
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Thanks to Chris Davidson for the loan of this item.
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