Television Personalities
8 November 2023
Another live show announced for December 2023, featuring the all-star TVP lineup.
8 August 2023
Two live shows announced for September 2023, featuring an all-star TVP lineup.
1 November 2022
Dan Treacy benefit night rescheduled. Details added.
15 March 2020
New Dan Treacy benefit night details added.
7 March 2019
Forum upgrade successfully completed.
21 January 2019
Jowe Head Scottish dates added. Discussion forum.
5 November 2018
Dan Treacy tribute / benefit night details added.
14 January 2018
New CD album 'Beautiful Despair' released this month.
21 March 2017
'Diary Of A Young Fan' book issued.
3 March 2017
Jowe Head discusses John Peel and the early Swell Maps.
7 October 2014
Happening Right Then!
2 December 2013
A quick update to the Salvador Dali's Garden Party page.
10 July 2013
Jowe Head and the Demi-Monde have a gig.
27 June 2013
The software running the forum has been upgraded.
3 April 2013
There's a couple of videos in the news.
25 June 2012
Yellow Melodies dive under the covers.
30 April 2012
Jowe has a gig. Now read this.
16 March 2012
Dan out of hospital.
9 December 2011
Graeme Wilson RIP.
25 November 2011
Update on Dan's condition.
12 October 2011
Dan in hospital.
9 October 2011
John Peel Day gig.
5 September 2011
New 7 inch single on its way.
3 August 2011
Brand new mp3 free to download. Also two London gigs, including one to accompany the Creation Records film, 'Upside Down'.
15 July 2011
Jowe Head has some news.
9 May 2011
Trip to Scotland.
1 April 2011
Upside down.
21 March 2011
Hey hey we're the Mantles...
23 February 2011
Manchester, so much to answer for.
14 February 2011
Athens calling... that's Athens, Greece. Not Georgia.
17 October 2010
Big in Japan... and St Gallen.
20 August 2010
Gig news, specifically a new trip to Hamburg.
28 June 2010
New interview with Dan at
18 May 2010
New Jowe Head and the Demi-Monde LP out.
10 May 2010
Forthcoming new album and MGMT tribute details.
2 March 2010
Forthcoming new single and single release gigs added.
8 January 2010
Gig in Paris at the end of the month.
5 November 2009
More gig news.
12 October 2009
Gig news.
7 October 2009
Yet another London gig - at short notice.
29 September 2009
Another London gig - at short notice.
14 September 2009
German and London gigs, plus the latest Ed Ball reissues.
28 June 2009
Yet another London gig.
22 June 2009
Another London gig.
1 June 2009
The second 7" in as many months is now out.
10 May 2009
Benicassim Festival appearance confirmed.
4 April 2009
A London gig at short notice - it's tonight!
3 March 2009
New single! Out very soon on Elefant Records. See the news. The set list to the recent Paris gig has now been added, along with a photo link. Gig page here.
10 February 2009
Gigs! London and Spain, here. There's also news of a new single.
6 January 2009
First gig of 2009 will happen in London on Thursday 8th January. Feast your eyes.
26 December 2008
Two new gigs for January '09, in London and Paris. Step this way...
2 October 2008
A gig at the 100 Club in London has been announced at short notice. I was on holiday when the notification came through on 18th September, which is why I've only been able to add the details on the day of the show.
11 September 2008
Italian gigs and Jowe Head news.
13 August 2008
Lots of Ed Ball news.
9 July 2008
A new gig, a Jowe Head radio session and a cover version... it's all in the news.
9 April 2008
Lots of new live dates announced, including a trip to Sweden and German festival appearances. There's also news about Jowe Head's trip to the USA and a new single from Ed Ball.
27 February 2008
New live dates announced. There's also now an official mailing list. See here.
1 January 2008
New 7" single to be released in January - see news page. There will be two London gigs this month to coincide with this release.
11 December 2007
New London gig supporting an acoustic Pete Doherty has been announced.
30 September 2007
A trip to Athens has been announced.
12 June 2007
Swedish Festival appearance announced and there's news of new Ed Ball reissues.
18 May 2007
New gig announced at the 12 Bar Club in London's West End.
21 March 2007
Lots of Jowe Head news. Angel Racing Food's debut CD is out now, plus there'll be a solo Jowe art exhibition in Berlin in April, with an Angel Racing Food gig to coincide.
21 February 2007
'My Dark Places' remix EP released. See the news page. The song index has been brought up to date, as have the list of unreleased songs and the lineup history. There's also some new information on the covers page.
9 January 2007
New 13 track album due out in February - 'Are We Nearly There Yet?', on Overground Records. See the news. There's also a new gig soon at the Rex Club in London's Soho, on Saturday 20th January.
29 October 2006
New gig announced at the Brixton Windmill, with Jeffrey Lewis.
23 October 2006
'CD86' compilation released. See the news. Also, the Times albums reissues get underway. See the Ed Ball page.
3 October 2006
Gig news.
6 September 2006
New Jowe Head album out now on Topplers Records. There's also a new Angel Racing Food gig in London.
22 August 2006
Syd Barrett tribute gig announced.
19 July 2006
Two Nikki Sudden tribute gigs are coming up, featuring Jowe Head and friends.
19 June 2006
John and Gerard Bennett's new project (Luca) added to the links page.
24 May 2006
More European dates added to the gig page.
1 April 2006
This site now has a long-overdue message board.
28 March 2006
Reviews of the March gig at the Camden Barfly added. Also news of tribute albums.
1 March 2006
See the news page for details of an interview in 'Metro' newspaper.
6 February 2006
The long-awaited new single is out today.
16 January 2006
A return gig at the Camden Barfly announced.
15 January 2006
Eight new set lists have been added, plus one amendment. There's also a new entry on the fans' memories page that I found down the back of the filing cabinet.
12 January 2006
More news of another magazine interview. Also, belated reviews and photos added for the Kilburn Luminaire gig (11 October) and some photos from the 100 Club and Brighton gigs from August. There's also some snippets of info concerning the Boxing Day gig. See the gig page.
9 January 2006
Some news about Uncut magazine, an update from the world of Ed Ball and also updates to the links page.
20 December 2005
New London gig announced, at the Camden Barfly.
15 December 2005
Some Jowe Head news snippets added.
11 December 2005
See the news page for details of the next TVP album, plus more news of a Dan Treacy DJ spot.
30 November 2005
News page updated with details of the TVP documentary made by Swedish TV. Watch it online!
4 September 2005
New London gig announced, at the Luminaire in Kilburn. There's also some news on the Ed Ball page.
30 August 2005
See news page for details of a new TVP compilation album of previously unreleased live and archive material. Also, information and reviews of the recent London and Brighton gigs added to the gig page.
14 July 2005
Another new mp3 file available on the download page. Also, gig at Brighton announced.
29 June 2005
New gig announced, at the 100 Club, Oxford Street, London.
17 June 2005
Details of the 'If I Could Write Poetry' tribute album on the news page.
10 May 2005
Reviews and photos from the Scottish gigs added. See gig page.
2 April 2005
German tour announced. See gig page.
14 March 2005
The Legend! finally sees his Dan Treacy covers 7" released. See news.
25 February 2005
'My Dark Places' - another new TVP song made available for download. Thanks again to Dan Treacy for this.
18 February 2005
News of a festival appearance in Barcelona, plus details of the reissue of 'I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod' LP.
6 February 2005
'I Hope He's Everything You Wanted Me To Be' - a brand new TVP song made available for download. Thanks to Dan Treacy for providing this.
24 December 2004
In a year where TVP songs have been a popular choice for covers, here's news of two more.
12 December 2004
New gig page added to document the new TVP live shows. Setlists, reviews, flyers and photos will be posted on this page - contributions are essential! Reviews of the Bush Hall gig posted.
30 November 2004
Ed Ball discography added. A new review has been added to the press section. There's also more information added to the set list for the July 1985 gig at the Deptford Crypt.
17 November 2004
News of the TVP's forthcoming comeback gig in London.
10 November 2004
News of recently-recorded new material.
31 October 2004
Some photographs taken at Angel Racing Food's gig at the Bull and Gate on October 9th have been added. Various Television Personalities past and present were there. There's also news of a newly-released TVP cover.
6 October 2004
Some photos taken at Dan Treacy's DJ appearance at How Does it Feel? added.
4 October 2004
There are new photos from Paris in 1990 on the live gallery page, plus a new flyer on the gallery misc page. There's also a new entry on the fans' memories page.
19 August 2004
'Falling Uphill' compilation album released. See the news page, the Jowe Head news page and the discography for more information. Buy the CD from me here.
10 August 2004
Updated news of the New York benefit night, plus Jowe Head gig information.
5 July 2004
A personal update from Dan Treacy, including a poem.
24 June 2004
Angel Racing Food gigography brought up to date (thanks to Lee McFadden). Also news of a New York benefit show to raise funds for new TVP recordings.
4 June 2004
News of some 7" releases featuring TVP covers.
26 May 2004
Some interesting TVP news, more info on Jowe Head and a new single release, plus an update to Jowe's solo discography.
15 May 2004
There are three new flyers on the gallery page, a new entry on the fans' memories page, a new set list and two new mp3 files on the download page.
30 January 2004
A bit of news, plus a new page dedicated to Jowe Head's band Angel Racing Food.
21 January 2004
A quick update to start 2004. There are four new flyers on the gallery page and some new photos of group members too. Two new set lists have been added, with further amendments and updates made to existing ones. A review of 'Privilege' has been added to the press section. There's also two new mp3 files on the download page.
13 November 2003
Updated news for the TVPs and Jowe Head. There's also a new non-TVP link.
11 October 2003
A bumper upload for the autumn! There are no less then twenty new additions to the press section, which includes lots of new interviews from the archives. There are fourteen new flyers and adverts on the relevant gallery page and some new photos of group members too. There is one new set list, but lots of amendments and updates to existing ones, with flyers and notes added. Three new unreleased songs have been unearthed, and there's now two new entries for the Salvador Dali's garden party guestlist page. Following comments made by Mark Flunder, the history and lineup pages have been amended. There's a new page with some mp3 files for downloading. The discographies in the Jowe Head section have been updated. The Swell Maps discography now details their collaborations. In the miscellaneous section there's a new page dedicated to the Greenock Subterraneans club, with flyers and attendance info. Finally, I've belatedly added a page of thanks to acknowledge those whose contributions have helped to make this site what it is.
20 August 2003
Angel Racing Food debut single out now. See the Jowe Head news page.
4 July 2003
There are nine new set lists, plus plenty of amendments and updates to existing ones. Four new entries have been added to the fans stories and memories page, with an update to an existing entry. Two new covers have been unearthed and added to the covers page. There are also changes to the links and additions to the non-TVP links.
30 June 2003
Snippets added to the TVP news page and the Jowe Head news page as well.
1 June 2003
New gallery added to the site, containing live pics, photos of band members, gig flyers and more.
12 May 2003
A new section added, featuring fans stories and memories of the group. I've also created a new page called misc to round up pages of the site that you may have missed. There are three new set lists and changes have been made to both the links and the non-TVP links. Finally, there are some new reviews in the press section, plus a great interview with Dan from 1984, from the Scottish 'Slow Dazzle' fanzine.
5 March 2003
A short news item about a planned TVP tribute album.
29 October 2002
A new set list added, Nottingham 1989. There's also changes to the links.
7 September 2002
News of the new Little Teddy compilation CD that includes a TVP song posted. Plus, 3 new set lists have been added to the list, with additional information added to some existing gigs, including some photos.
30 August 2002
Further information added to the Jowe Head pages, including additions to the discographies and scans of the remaining record sleeves.
20 August 2002
More details added to the Jowe Head page, including a page for latest news.
17 August 2002
A new page added, tracing the lineup changes of the group through their history.
27 July 2002
A much-needed history of the Television Personalities added.
17 June 2002
A new section added, documenting the works of Jowe Head.
12 April 2002
News of the Fire reissues.
30 March 2002
A minor update, with re-designed and expanded links and general links, plus a couple of changes to the Treacyworld glossary.
4 January 2002
A couple of fanzine interviews have been added to the press page. There's some more news and additions to the links and general links.
17 October 2001
A brand new page for news has been created. 14 new set lists added, with subsequent additions to the lists of unreleased material and covers. A couple of new things have been added to the discography, including details of possibly the rarest TVP LP yet. Finally, there's new links and some additional non-TVP links also.
21 May 2001
30 new set lists added, with subsequent additions to the lists of unreleased material and covers. Brand new discographies for the Whaam! and Dreamworld labels added, plus an extra page of links with some non-TVP ones. A couple of amendments to Treacyworld have also been made.
24 February 2001
Another brand new section added to the site. Treacyworld examines the influences behind TVP songs, and explains many of the references. Related sections explore films and people that are mentioned. Also added are the Bill Grundy interview and Salvador Dali's garden party guestlist. A new, brighter front page has also been created, and the site has benefited from a general makeover, which gives all the pages a uniform appearance.
8 November 2000
Brand new sections on unreleased material and TVP covers of other artists' songs added.
13 October 2000
19 new set lists added, plus a couple of new links.
14 September 2000
A mini-update, with amendments made to the links and entries added to the reviews and set lists.
30 June 2000
The set lists page was added. A couple of extra links were also posted, including details of the eGroups discussion community. There's also three new additions to the reviews section.
6 June 2000
A belated links page was added. A couple of new reviews were also posted.
10 May 2000
The extensive song index was posted. This should make the task of tracking down that rare 7" or b-side a little easier.
30 April 2000
Revamped press section added, with many more reviews. Pictures of all the album sleeves added to the discography.
2 April 2000
Some content, at last. The discography and some press reviews added.
1 Feb 2000
A long-delayed new front page arrives, with four pictures to see.
October 1999
A one-page site is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.
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